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Reap the benefits of targeted advertising

Addressable TV reduces the cost of TV advertising and grants competitive advantage. This is especially the case with new-to-TV brands, who have recorded significant business growth with Addressable TV advertising.

The benefits of Addressable TV are numerous. Advertisers and agencies can leverage it to:

+ Boost viewer attentiveness by 35% and ad engagement by 21%,
+ Enhance ad conversion rates by up to 30%,
+ Increase spontaneous ad recall by 10%,
+ Improve purchase intent by 7%.

TV ads are not dead –
they’re the “now” of advertising

50% of smart ad advertisers are new to TV. But it’s not just newcomers who resort to targeted advertising. In fact, everyone who wants to increase their brand awareness, sales and revenue is looking to get their hands on Addressable TV.

Even the three largest online players have increased their TV spend dramatically.



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