Broadcasters & Operators

The defining feature of modern TV is flexibility

The TV is leaning towards being flexible. The more it has to offer, the less viewers will be inclined to resort to OTT service providers, like Netflix or Hulu. But flexibility entails more than interactive content and original broadcasts.

To remain competitive in terms of flexibility, broadcasters and TV operators have to:

+ Move toward nationally and locally relevant content
+ Focus on brand and performance
+ Boost sales, profitability and effectiveness

All this and more can be achieved with Addressable TV.

Original content is the driver of
high viewer ratings

Young viewers tend to watch linear TV less than older audiences. However, they still tend to resort to living room screens to watch original content or other exclusive content, such as live sporting events. Thus, linear TV remains a strong contender for advertisers who are targeting this audience.

And while we normally associate original content with video-on-demand services, traditional broadcasters produce far more original content than services such as Netflix. In fact, 14 of the top 15 original show commissioners in the EU are traditional broadcasters.

Thus, broadcasters who produce original content can easily target this hard-to-get audience segment, which is otherwise easier to target on digital, online channels, such as YouTube or social media.

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