50.33% of people still believe that TV ads are an effective brand communication tactic

TV advertising helps brands build premium brand awareness and loyalty

Addressable TV takes this a step further. By personalizing advertisements, it only presents viewers with contents that are most relevant to their preferences. This enables high-impact advertising with clickthrough rates significantly higher than those of regular TV advertising

Targeted advertising boosts brand positioning with consumer segmentation

Targeted advertising is data driven. This means it takes into account the viewers geolocation, caters different interactive contents and considers various demographic factors, such as age, gender and education.

Broadcasters &
TV operators

Monetize your media with Castoola+

Connected TVs and cutting-edge technological developments are transforming the TV industry. They have made it possible to develop innovative digital technologies that run on top of linear TV. One such technology is Addressable TV, which enables ad personalization and the targeting of specific viewer profiles.

With Addressable TV, broadcasters and TV operators can:

+ Tap into a whole new revenue stream,
+ Improve the user experience,
+ Cut channel switching during ads by up to 48%.



Advertisers &

Next-generation TV advertising.


Addressable TV reduces the cost of TV advertising and grants competitive advantage. This is especially the case with new-to-TV brands, who have recorded significant business growth through the use of Addressable TV advertising.

Advertisers and agencies can leverage Addressable TV to:

+ Boost viewer attentiveness by 35% and ad engagement by 21%,
+ Enhance ad conversion rates by up to 30%,
+ Increase spontaneous ad recall by 10%,
+ Improve purchase intent by 7%.

Your go-to provider of Addressable TV.

We are a team of experts specialized in targeted TV advertising. With our industry know-how and the help of our technology partners, we bring Addressable TV to all TV environments: IPTV, OTT and DVB-S/T/C (HbbTV).

This allows advertisers to segment viewers based on various demographic, geographic, frequential and timeframe factors to deliver personalized ads on top of linear TV.

Using programmatic advertising, such automated ad delivery enables higher conversion rates, increases brand awareness and aids in optimizing the entire campaign execution process to achieve a greater ROI.


Behind every job ad, there is an opportunity for a fresh start. We are making an opportunity to grow, learn and jump into the TV advertising industry. Castoola is a team of experts specialized in targeted TV advertising. Utilizing the cutting-edge technologies for targeted and personalized advertising on TV, we are providing in-house developed platform to the Broadcasters, TV operators and Advertisers.

What we offer:
+ working in young and motivated enviromnent
+ mentorship and educational budget
+ flexible working hours
+ international customers and projects (Discovery, Lufthansa, Ferrero,..)
+ permanent employment (6 months trial period)

Working with Castoola

The TV industry is an ever-changing landscape marked by rapid technological developments and constant change. Therefore, even companies and organizations involved in the industry sometimes find it hard to keep up with all the innovation.

But no worries – this is why we are here. We provide our clients with services that enable them to benefit from Addressable TV without having any extensive know-how on the matter. Together with each client, we define a clear roadmap of their integration with the Castoola platform and determine the steps that will be implemented.

The workflow is divided in two phases, each comprising a set of implementation steps, which the client can decide on before the commencement of cooperation with Castoola:

The setup phase:


Analyzing the inventory
potential and defining the
business model


Planning and
execution the
technical integration


with third party


Deploying the
Addressable TV

The operations phase:


Promoting the
inventory and
Ad Sales


executing and reporting
on ad operations


Optimizing the
inventory and business

working with

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